At first I was watching an NHK English conversation program, which I normally find quite educational – listening to English & Japanese sentence translations. Then, following this, by chance I saw a program called 日本語~なるほど, that I’d never seen before. It looks fairly boring: a couple of people sitting at a desk discussing the Japanese language with example video clips; but the content was really good.

The topic of the program was 「コンビ二けいご」 which struck me as an interesting topic. For example, the type of language the waiter/waitress uses when you go to a restaurant, or the language used at shop tills. It’s not really everyday language you would use at home is it?!

I didn’t know that なるほど was quite a polite phrase. Nor did I know that the past tense ‘feels’ more polite. E.g. ありがとうございました is more polite than ありがとうございます.

The next program will be about 若者の言葉!For example, びみょうとか… 見たい!