There are three points I’m going to have to watch out for when I speak Japanese:

I’ve been told that my accent is good, but some people accurately comment that my intonation can be awful. I’m not sure how to improve this without people pointing out to me when I use strange intonation. If I recorded my own voice I wonder if I could spot strange intonation myself? Probably not all of it.

Getting Excited
Of late, I’ve noticed that for some strange reason I am far more excited and enthused when I am speaking Japanese compared to English. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? In any case, in doing this I can rush speaking and use a higher pitch than when I speak English. My language exchange partner kindly pointed this out. I’d like to use my natural voice in Japanese, which perhaps means calming down a tad?!

Masculine vs Feminine Speech
This is a minor point because I believe my Japanese isn’t really heavily masculine or feminine. I know most of the major differences and the only reason I am listing this point is because recently one person commented that occasionally I sounded a little feminine – I’ll watch out for this but it must be her mistake!