A Ride

I came across some interesting terminology for someone who has a car and can drive others around – I think it is typically a guy who is driving a woman around. Someone who has ‘wheels’ or can give you a ride?


Please someone tell me exactly what the Japanese is if I misheard. Interestingly a woman offered to fill this role on my behalf 🙂


  1. Here are all the terms
    アッシーくん (the guy you use to drive you somewhere) メッシーくん (the one you use to buy you dinner) 貢ぐくん(mitsugukun, the guy you get to buy you stuff) キープくん (a spare guy, just in case) 本命くん (your real boyfriend)
    These terms were kind of trendy like more than 10 years ago but I don’t know if people really use them these days.

  2. Roy, not only did you confirm my one word but you gave me more! These words might be worth remembering for an interesting conversation. Are there versions for men talking about women? I can’t see any women taking me out to treat me for dinner, though 🙁
    One other question. Does アッシーくん have anything to do with 足? With the meaning and similar sounds it just seems like too much of a coincidence that these words are not related. In any case for once it’s easy to remember アッシーくん because of this fact.

  3. Yes, アッシー=足 and メッシー=飯 but they write it this way in katakana, its just slang I guess. I know some for women but can’t say them here 😉

  4. Thanks for confirming that. I’m so stupid for not seeing 飯 on my own.
    Can’t say here? Roy, you are stunting my Japanese language education 😉