Who Runs 日本語の道?

Name Darren Cheng
Location London, England
Age 26
English Blog www.notestomyself.net

The name: 日本語の道

日本語の道 (Nihongo No Michi) : ‘Japanese Road’.

日本語の道 Entry Categories

ウェッブ  Web or Internet related
単語 (たんご)   Japanese Vocabulary
文法 (ぶんぽう)  Japanese Grammar
漢字 (かんじ)   Japanese Kanji
発音 (はつおん) Japanese Accent
言い方 (いいかた) Japanese Speech Style

What is 日本語の道?

This site, started on 17th May 2004, is my online journal which documents things I learn day-by-day about the Japanese language. These are typically parts of Japanese which can’t be easily learnt from books. To really get to know a language you have to get your hands dirty and use it for real communication; and in my case, jump in at the Japanese deep end!

Throughout my time studying Japanese I have written in many notebooks, made word cards, various notes, memos… these items invariably get lost or disorganised. This site will be my centralised Japanese language study notepad from here on in. With the ability to search for posts it should be easy to locate entries. An added bonus is that using a computer I can use kanji I have no idea how to write =)

Posts are categorised as explained above. These categories include Japanese vocabulary, Japanese grammar, Japanese kanji, accent and speech style.

Though initially solely intended for a personal diary, I have realised that further explanations of certain points might make the site useful as a language resource for other learners of Japanese. Therefore, sometimes I try to do this.

Apologies if I should post incorrect information; please remember that I am merely studying Japanese as a relative beginner myself.

Along with my daily revelations I also recommend Japanese books, CDs, study aids (e.g. kanji flash cards) and websites.

Feel free to send feedback – if you find the site useful please leave a comment or two.

All content is ? Darren Cheng 2004 unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hello,
    Me and my wife started an English/Japanese website free for all people. It is on http://www.english2day.com and we like to ask if your school can link to our website? All your students are more then welcome to either start learning Japanese or help Japanese people learn English, its a great way to interact with many different nationalities and to make international friends.
    Sorry to ask out of the blue, we worked very hard on this website and like everyone to enjoy it!!!
    Thank you very much for your time,
    Maki and Mike

  2. Hi there, thanks for dropping by.
    My school? I’m not sure if you are referring to my work or to my personal website. In any case, I have added english2day to my recommended links and may sign up myself!
    Good luck with the site,

  3. Hi.
    I was wondering if it was just me, or does your xml feed not offer a complete feed? I am only seeing the short title.
    Do you offer the complete post?
    Love the site, just started learning the lingo myself 🙂
    mata ne

  4. You’re right, at the moment I don’t have the whole of each post in XML. Please visit the site if they short title sounds interesting enough 😉
    I hope your studies go well,

  5. Darren, would you email me at the above? I have something I wanted to suggest to you but couldn’t see any contact info

  6. May I suggsest this site called http://www.xLingo.com It’s an online community dedicated to connecting language exchange partners.

  7. Hello, I am Japanese. Your Japanese is very wonderful. It’s a really interesting blog. I have studied English as of this year. Your Japanese is more than a match for my English. I’ll be back to check for updates.

  8. Hello Naoco. Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to learn Japanese as best I can. Good luck with your English. It looks like you are doing well.

  9. Hi, Darren would that be a problem if I ask you some japanese question sometimes? Becuase your japanese is so much better than me and I am learning it by my own now for 二級, and I found it very hard for selfstudy at this level.

  10. Hey Darren,
    I was hoping we could exchane links? My site has streaming Japanese video and audio lessons.
    What do you say?

  11. Nick, that would be great. I’ve already added your link so if you could do the same for me I’d be grateful. Cheers.

  12. Hey Darren,
    I’m new to blogging, but have been working on a blog in Japanese. Feel free to stop by, and to link it if you like.
    I like your site–both your blog and your great collection of links. I’ll take the liberty of linking you, if that’s ok…

  13. Hi ‘Tobo’. Thanks for visiting. I’ve linked back to your site – your Japanese is very good.
    Please come again!

  14. Hey there, Darren. Thanks so much for the link–I think it really helped Google to notice my blog!
    I’d probably be better off if I studied Japanese less and took up tennis or some other healthy activity! 😉

  15. Darren,
    Good luck with your upcoming test and thanks for this blog – I will use this site and archive to improve my skills. I passed JPLT 3 last year and look forward to taking JPLT 2 next year (not enough time to jam study for this year’s test).
    Anyways, if you want recommendations on where to eat and drink in Ebisu / Tokyo, let me know. I lived there for 9 months last year and it was a great time.

  16. Hi Rob, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.
    Thanks, I hope to do well in this year’s test but we’ll see how things go. There’s not much time left to prepare for level 1.
    Do make sure you take the level 2 test next year. Pushing yourself a little is never a bad thing!
    Actually, in a month’s time I should be in Japan on holiday if you have any good places to recommend.