Adj vs Verb

Near the beginning of studying Japanese I learnt 好き(すき) as a 「な」 adjective – 好きな. This seemed confusing enough as it was but with my poor grammar ability I just accepted it as it was taught.

Then while talking to someone about ‘being liked’ in English, I realised I couldn’t say the same in Japanese. My calligraphy teacher said, 「好かれている」. What about 嫌い(きらい) I enquired, to which the reply was 「嫌われている」. ‘So they are verbs?’ I say. Yes, 好く(すく) and 嫌う(きらう).

I wondered why I hadn’t learnt this from any of my books until now. Am I the only one who thinks this is confusing?


  1. Confusing, yes. But how else would you say, “I’m hated by everybody?” You can’t have a passive form of an adjective.

  2. Yeah, that was what I thought when I initially tried to translate it. I prefer ‘liked by everybody’ than your sentence, though 😉