Today I feel sick and sapped of all mental and physical energy. That test nearly killed me in more ways than one. I hope you all did well – better than me, hopefully.

Kanji/words – it felt as though I had to guess half of the answers. Seriously, I haven’t seen many of those kanji before. This surprised me but I tried to stay positive.

Listening – really good. Hopefully I scored 85+.

Reading/grammar. I started at the end and I whizzed through the short grammar questions. However, the longer reading sections defeated me. Before I took any of the tests I said that the result would depend on whether I could answer the first large essay question. It turned out to be a 50-50 affair so I have no idea how well I did. I ran out of time and filled in about 7 answers blindly. Not so good.

Conclusion: I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I’m not really sure how it turned out.


  1. The kanji was a bit tough in the test, I noticed that they chose a lot of kanji that wasn’t in the previous tests, however, i luckily made sure i knew the readings of all the kanji i didn’t know the night before. So luckily that last minute study really helped.
    Vocab wasn’t too bad in this test, even though i didn’t really study for it.
    listening was good for me too although i missed a couple of questions in the picture questions.
    I did the same strategy (do grammar first) as you with the last section and had the same situation of guessing the last 5-6 reading comp questions. Lets hope that we are lucky enough to get some of those questions we guessed right :P.

  2. By the way, i remember once when i took a sample exam, i ran out of time on the reading comprehension and guessed the last 6 questions and actually got 4 of them correct.
    So i’m hoping that will happen again this time for us. 😛

  3. 4 out of 6?! That wouldn’t hurt our cause, would it! 🙂 Maybe we scored around the same on the reading/grammar paper.
    Your Japanese level sounds far higher than mine. If you can say that you “made sure I knew the readings of all the kanji I didn’t know the night before” that means that you must have known them pretty well anyway. However, for me many of those kanji were totally new.
    Last minute study would have got me nowhere really as there are so many holes in my 2 kyu kanji and vocabulary.

  4. Ah, i see..
    I think my kanji knowledge was greatly influenced by the program called Ocha no Kanji program that i used from chuo bunkyo: http://www.chuobunkyo.jp/japanese.php?lang=en
    I used it almost everyday for quite a while during my free time after uni so after a while, i knew the readings for most of the JLPT kanji and some JLPT vocab associated with the kanji.
    So by the time i did do my last minute kanji study, i had to only look through about 50 or so kanji for their readings rather than a few hundred. 😛
    It maps out your kanji knowledge letting you know which kanji you currently have memorised, and what need to be worked on, etc. It even has built in tests. Also it uses some sort of formular to include simulate your tendency to forget kanji you knew, which can be fixed only by getting 100% in all of the kanji readings for that particular kanji.
    Now that i remember about this program, i wish i could of told you about it before the test. Then again, it does take time. But much faster than the traditional method if you’re determined enough.
    I suggest you should download the proggy and do say 20 kanji a day, and that way you can improve your kanji recognition. Thats my secret to tackling the 1000+ kanji.
    I want a 1 kyuu version :P.

  5. Now he tells me! Ah well, better late than never 🙂 I love the idea and the colour coding – if I am guessing what it does correctly.
    Thanks a lot, I’ll check it out.

  6. Learn Japanese Kanji and Discover the World

    I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test yesterday. I think I did well. It’s a relief but not much to brag about, because I’ve been living here for more than two years and studied quite a bit. This year…

  7. No problem.
    Sorry about telling you a bit late. Honestly i forgot about that since i did my Kanji study a while before, and was mainly working on improving my weak points at the time, which are vocab and grammar.
    If there was some sort of similar program for grammar, testing you on the different grammar in all the details, it would have been good. But i haven’t seen such a program. The closest think i could find is the random tests on jgram.com (or is it j-gram.com).
    If you come across any good study resources be sure to let everyone know on your blog :P.
    I’ll be reading it from now on.

  8. Thanks for being a regular reader lately. I really learn a lot from the people who comment on my blog. I probably never would have known about this software unless you’d told me.
    If I find anything useful on the net then I’ll be sure to post about it. Oh, it would be a good idea to write a little on this kanji tool too – after I give it a go I’ll post my views.

  9. Man! I answered every question blindly. Couldn’t fully understand any question in the paper. My vocab was too weak! The 4 hours lasted forever. I shan’t be caught like that again next year. I shan’t.

  10. You took level 2 right? I took (and passed) that a few years ago. Don’t worry: the harder parts are worth less, and unless you were really lost on a majority of the questions you probably did better than you think. When I was studying for the 1kyu later on I studied the scoring system closely. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but the parts that everyone has trouble with, like “Which jukugo has the same reading as the underlined word in this sentence?” are not worth as much as the more straightforward and basic questions.

  11. トカゲ, you really had a tough time, didn’t you? If you didn’t pass then at least I hope you learnt where you could improve.
    Adamu, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I can’t agree with you. The reading/grammar paper is the one that is worth the most (50%). Your jukugo questions would be in the other paper worth 25%.
    If you don’t do well on the grammar paper you are going to be struggling to pass, it’s as simple as that. Within the grammar paper there are sections of varying points. The smaller point questions were easy enough but the reading comprehension which I had the most problems with is where most of the points lie.
    If I the questions I didn’t guess were right then there may be a chance… I am still waiting in hope.

  12. True, the reading section could kill you. Good luck!