何れ (いずれ) which, anyway, anyhow, at any rate

A slightly different nuance to とにかく?


  1. Hmm, it’s a different kind of “anyway”. いずれ means regardless” or “in any case”.
    He’ll know the secret sooner or later regardless.
    from: http://www.aa.tufs.ac.jp/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1Q%D5%D9_0__
    どうせ also means pretty much the same thing.

  2. Thanks Tae, as always!

  3. Put up a trackbak to your site. Looks interesting. I plan something similar a year down the line.

  4. Talking about とにかく (sorry, I know that’s not really the original topic), would you reckon it can be used somewhat the same way as the colloquial English way: that is, as a “segue” in the middle of a speech, an element of separation, without strong opposition, between two sentences (something akin to the “blah blah blah. Anyway, what are you up to?”).
    My gut instincts told me it had no reason to, but I could swear I’ve heard it used in this way once or twice… Obviously dictionaries are no help here, neither are grammar books I looked through, and that’s quite a subtle one to discuss with a native speaker…
    Your take?
    [and btw, kudos for the site: extremely useful and a pleasure to go through… I actually remember landing here a few months ago, beats me why I didn’t bookmark it/add it to my RSS collection back then. Keep up the good work]

  5. This is a terrible answer but all I can say is that I haven’t heard it being used like that. Well, my understanding of it is probably quite weak but the way I see it being used is more of ‘in any case’ or like a summary perhaps?