終始 – しゅうし – beginning & end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end

Ok, now this is a new word to me. After just seeing it for the first time I can’t help but wonder whether it’s not the wrong way around 😉


  1. 始終-しじゅう-is also almost the same meaning as 終始-しゅうし-. It means beginning & end, from beginning to end, always. By the way, unlike this case, the meaning of some words which consist of two Kanji is altered by interchanging the first and second Kanji. For example, 温室-おんしつ-is a hothouse while 室温-しつおん-is room temperature. Maybe there are other examples.

  2. Thanks for that quoll. I hadn’t realised there was also a word しじゅう.
    That’s a great example of different words using the same kanji. I’d better look out for more of those.

  3. 会社-かいしゃ-is a company while 社会-しゃかい-is society. 相手-あいて-is a opponent while 手相-てそう-is the lines on one’s palm. 階段-かいだん-is a staircase while 段階-だんかい-is a stage. 力学-りきがく-is dynamics while 学力-がくりょく-is scholastic ability. These are more examples. I can’t come up with any more. Please look at them for reference.

  4. That’s pretty amazing. Even though I know some of these words, I don’t think I’d be able to come up with them if I were asked to. Thanks for that.