My latest book (因 京子: 日本語初級読解 読み方+書き方) didn’t cost me an arm and a leg for a change, in fact it cost just 105 yen!

I was browsing in Book Off when I happened across the second hand book section. Incredibly there were about 4 books about learning Japanese. They ranged from 100-400 yen and were all as good as new.

I have a feeling I’ll never use the book I bought. Some of the content is quite basic but we always need to revise every now and then. Besides, at 105 yen I just couldn’t resist.

Do you know any good places to pick up study materials second hand? Try Book Off – but not the one I go to 🙂


  1. Ohh, i was watching about book off on NHK.. ahh! i wanna be in Japan.
    Cheap Japanese books. Thats something hard to find in Australia.
    (hehe, okay, i’m more interested in the cheap manga :P)

  2. Book Off is a great shop. I’ve bought lots of manga there in the past. When I thought I was going to leave Japan to return to England for good I bought the entire series of Rurouni Kenshin. Now they sit taking up room in my cupboard!

  3. Have you tried Good day books in Ebisu?

  4. Ebisu? No, I haven’t. Any good? I’ve only been to Ebisu a couple of times to go to the cinema and look around.

  5. I don’t know of any Cinema in Ebisu. Maybe you are thinking of Ebina? Anyway, good day books is an English Used book store. I used to go there alot before Amazon. They have lots of used English books at a fair price. Haven’t been there in a long time.

  6. I don’t think it’s possible to confuse Ebina with Ebisu! In Ebisu there is a cinema near the famous expensive restaurant at the end of that big square.