Hi everyone. How are your studies coming along for the JLPT in a couple of weeks? Time really is getting tight, isn’t it?

I tried all week to find study time but only managed a tiny amount on the commute to and from work. Today, finally I had time to sit down in a cafe and get my books out.

For the first time I felt pleased after marking some comprehension questions. I scored the highest I ever have done, with one difference. Because I had been doing bits of the comprehension paper over the last two weeks whenever I could find time, I decided to do it untimed. I’m sure I took over two hours in total, as I decided to answer all the questions.

So my goals for next week are to speed up answering comprehension questions – or not wasting time pondering the right answers – and to brush up on some more grammar and a little vocab as well.


  1. Hi Darren,
    I’ve taken some annual leave to do some study and so far have been studying the kanji and vocab section and trying to prepare myself best for that section.
    At the moment, i really wonder if i have progressed very much. I have looked up so many words now that i’ve had to change the batteries of my electronic dictionary, but with how quick time flies, i am starting to wonder if all this concentration on the one section is really worth it.
    I haven’t done any sample tests, although i managed to get my hands on a couple when i went to Japan a couple of months ago. So i have absolutely no idea how i’d do at the moment.
    Anyways, lately i’ve been busy with karate, tennis and also a bit of work that i can’t avoid at the moment, so despite being on leave, i feel i’m desperately trying to find time to study.
    Good luck to you Darren.
    By the way, i have been keeping up with reading your blogs. 😀

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the message. It’s that time of the year again when we have to knuckle down and read a few books.
    I didn’t know you were also into tennis. Shame you don’t live in London – I’d give you a game 😉
    I’ve done a couple of non-official practice tests and really struggled. Though I’ve been told they tend to be a little more difficult than the real thing, I still need to learn far more.
    You raise an interesting point about comparing your ability to last year. It’s a very difficult question. I can’t tell how far I’ve progressed or if my Japanese was better last year. I guess I’ll soon find out… in terms of ‘test Japanese’ anyway.
    Keep up the studies!

  3. This is first time to leave a message! 勉強がんばってるみたいやん。
    [Darren: Minor privacy edit – sorry! I’m looking forward to your next message]

  4. てっちゃん、コメントありがとう!待ってたよ:)