かっこういい!Cool, handsome etc. How many times have I said that in my life (the same number of times as I’ve said it in the last 2 years, but anyway)?

In all this time I haven’t known it’s exact spelling because half the time it’s transformed by katakana, shortened, lengthened, you name it – because it’s an exclamation word, that’s understandable (I look at too much purikura & strange keitai emails).

My best guess would have been かっこいい but obviously I wasn’t listening hard enough – or perhaps it’s just shortended in speech like すみません and ごめんなさい?

So, the other day I was asking someone if this word was related to かこ, as in someone’s clothing/style. I didn’t understand the reply and unfortunately got confused. Then for some reason I came across the word in my dictionary:

格好いい (かっこういい)

With these common kanji it all seems to make more sense!


  1. Whoa! I didn’t know that かっこういい had kanji… I always thought it was a recently made up word. Maybe it’s always been in the language, but was recently (i.e. within the last 20 years) adapted for that usage?

  2. I think “かっこいい” is more natural to say than “かっこういい” although “格好” is normally read “かっこう”.
    I think Hugh Grant is かっこいい, he is getting old though. Oh sad…

  3. Wulong, I’m happy that you were able to learn something from this site for once.
    I’m so happy that Miyo points out that normally people say かっこいい. My hearing was right this time.
    I’m not sure about Hugh Grant, though!