Somebody gave me a great idea after seeing the year’s worth of free Japanese newspapers that I’d accumlated – making a scrap book.

Though it took me weeks to do, simply because I couldn’t sit down to finish it all in one sitting, I have now cut out all the articles which I’ve studied and put them into plastic sleeves in a binder. It’s not exactly a scrap book, but it does the job.

I was somewhat disappointed with the total number of clippings as I thought I’d studied far more over the past year. At least my shelf doesn’t look like it’s going to collapse under the weight of about 100 newspapers anymore.

It was interesting to flash through over a year’s news. There were quite a number of articles about Livedoor and many about the World Cup which I had almost forgotten. I have to admit that I cut out a few Ueto Aya articles, too. She’s too pretty to simply throw away!