Often I want to say something is ‘distracting’ in Japanese, but struggle to think of anything appropriate. Today a friend taught me one way of saying it:

気が散る (きがちる) - Be distracted

If you look at the kanji, it really does make sense. I’ll try and make an example sentence:



  1. なるほど。俺にも勉強になったねん。
    you can also say 気を散らす in a transitive sentence to suggest distracting someone’s attention. Or put it in the passive and it means you are distracted by something.
    I learnt this phrase when I was in Japan:
    誰かの注意を逸らす  to distract the attention of someone
    Again in the passive form I think it can mean to be distracted by something or someone.
    There seem to be so many ways of saying this it is unbelievable. Here is one similar in some ways to what you wrote.
    まあ、ありえるんじゃない :)

  2. Thanks for the input. Who would have thought there were so many ways of saying this kind of thing?
    誰かの注意を逸らす(そらす)- that’s a new one to me.
    I especially like your last example – indeed similar to mine.
    There are lots of new kanji for me to learn in your one comment alone!

  3. Darrenさん、こんばんは☆今日の記事も参考になりました(^^)/
    I tried to make sentence by using the word “be distracted” in English. Is my sentence correct?
    Example: When I was studying English, TV distracted me.

  4. You need ‘the’ to sound more natural:
    ‘When I was studying English the TV distracted me.’

  5. Long time no see.

  6. ば~さん、コメントありがとうございます。