The words I have used for dizzy in Japanese have been 目が回る(めがまわる).

From reading Roy’s Japanese blog I’ve learnt another way of saying it: めまい.

[Roy: I hope you don’t have any more dizzy spells.]


  1. Thanks getting better! I could drive today without my head spinning. I guess it was a passing thing. By the way, I think めまい translates as Vertigo rather than Dizzy. Not sure exactly but I know that that is what the title of the Hitchcock film is translated as.

  2. Hi Roy, I’m glad you are feeling better. Don’t go pushing yourself too hard too soon.
    Vertigo as in fear of heights?! Well, my dictionary has translations for めまい as dizziness and giddiness, so that’s good enough for me.

  3. Another way to say “dizzy” is くらくらする.

  4. くらくら? Thanks, I have problems memorizing these words but…er… 頑張る!