I just wanted to raise a point about the grammar questions in 1級. Actually, I asked the question I’m about to answer only a month or so ago. The question was,

‘How much of an overlap is there in the 1級 and 2級 grammar sections? Are many 2級 grammar points tested on the 1級 paper?’

Finally, after looking at some past papers I can confirm what others have told me – yes, there is a significant overlap. Don’t forget to revise your 2級 grammar when taking 1級.

My main before the exam are to revise last year’s grammar, taking one reading comprehension I’ve got left over and to revise the words in my Word Tank.

Anyone panicking yet?? 頑張ろう!


  1. Whoohoo! look at my blog.. i managed to pass my practise test!!
    Although I only just passed it with 70.6%.
    Now i have to work on my kanji, vocab and grammar so i can ensure i can do it again…
    It would be horrible to fail after getting this far.
    By the way, the grammar section really does mix up 2 kyuu and 1kyuu grammars together.. it’s all so confusing..

  2. Tim, that’s great! I’m sure you can do it again.
    Any tips? I haven’t come close to passing when trying past papers but to be honest my level simply isn’t high enough. I just need to maximize the marks I can get.
    Yeah, I’m revising my 2kyu grammar and then my 1kyu grammar, but other than that, I’m not going to go crazy cramming. No tennis though =(

  3. I added a reply to your comment on my blog about tactics for the reading comprehension.
    It’s a long one so have a look at it.

  4. Cheers mate, I’ll have a look!