I came across this word today:

呑ん(のむ) to drink, to gulp, to swallow

Interestingly, it has the same sound as 飲む. Perhaps not a coincidence? Does this word have more of an emphasis on the action of gulping/swallowing rather than merely drinking?


  1. Yeah it means to swallow without biting. It also means to accept/agree as in 受け入れる.
    For finding out the subtle differences between similar words, you should refer to a 国語辞典. They tend to explain things much more clearer than a 和英辞典 or 英和辞典. At your level, you should now be using a 国語辞典 to look up words as it is much more useful than a regular dictionary. Of course, there are times it may not explain everything, but some questions like this can easily be solved by looking it up in the Japanese only dictionary.
    Another idea is to use the Japanese input method built-in dictionaries to check the differences between words with different kanji.
    ◆ 「呑」は丸のみにする、ぐいぐいのむ意味合いで、「丸薬を呑む(①)」「大酒を呑む(②)」「蛇[波]が蛙[舟]を呑む(①④)」「短刀を呑む(⑤)」「敵を呑む(⑥)」「条件を呑む(⑦)」「息を呑む(⑧)」などと好まれる。一般には「飲」でまかなうが、まかないがたいとしてかな書きにすることも多い。 飲める 飲み

  2. More info on usage here:

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    Too be honest, I do not feel that I am at level where I can use a Japanese dictionary efficiently. I often do not understand the kanji in the definitions, so much so that I need to use another dictionary to work out the defintions…
    Using the IME hints, which I did briefly look at while making this post, left me none the wiser.