Today’s new word comes with the new challenges of Windows XP SP2. After installing SP2 I got numerous information boxes popping up and I’m too tired to lookup all of the kanji involved.

However, one that seemed useful was for the Windows XP firewall tool. When starting a program it gives a prompt. The first option is ‘block’ in helpful katakana but the second option was beyond my reading ability. I knew from the context that it must mean ‘allow’ the program to access the network, or something like that. I also knew the kanji from 解答 and 掃除 – but answer and cleaning didn’t make much sense 😉

解除 (かいじょ) cancellation, release, calling off

Which would be the most appropriate word here? I guess ‘release’ would have a meaning similar to ‘not block’. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed your site and linked to you. Could you link back to me?
    Simon goes undercover in Japan

  2. Hi Darren – how about deactivate or disable?

  3. Thanks Simon. I’ve added a link to your site to my main blog at http://www.notestomyself.net. If you also like my other blog please add it to your links.
    Charmaine – wouldn’t those words have a similar effect to ‘block’. Surely the two options would do different things: this is why I presumed it meant ‘allow’.