If someone said: ダレンが食べてほしい then I’d think they wanted me to eat something. But someone said to me ダレンに食べてほしい (I hope I’ve remembered correctly) and after me raising the point this person claimed that either particle was fine. Any comments?


  1. …haven’t no clue, but you blog is cool. I’ll link it!

  2. I want to know the correct answer too. I would have said ダレンに食べてほしい, along the same lines as ダレンに食べてもらいたい。

  3. Thanks Toki 😉
    Charmaine: ~てほしい to my knowledge normally takes が as a particle. But as you point out ~てもらいたい would take に.
    This example is a little confusing which is why I am posting about it.

  4. Hi,
    I think either sentence is OK but I find it more natural to say “ダレンに食べて欲しい” as well as”ダレンに食べてもらいたい” .
    I think “~て欲しい” usually takes “に”(such as 「Aは(orが)Bに~~て欲しい」)this is only my opinion, though.
    But Darren, if your text says “~て欲しい” takes “が”, that would be ture. Ignore my opinion.
    Or, we might say “~がして欲しい”, その行為を誰がするのかを強調したい時に。
    (sorry, I don’t know how to translate this, and hope you understand the meaning.)

  5. My 2 yen.
    I agree with miyo about the grammar.
    Let me try to expand on her explanation
    ~が食べてほしい might be used if the sentence before it is something like だれに食べてほしい? Where が is used as emphasis like in これがいいです。

  6. Oh thanks guys – I obviously forgot the basic particle for ~てほしい. That’s embarrassing…