Ok, I’ve finished the 2003 長文・文法 paper and using many of Roy’s good suggestions, I managed to wade through far more of it than when I attempted the 2004 paper before time ran out.

I basically did the grammar first, as always (which was really tough, including many points that I am sure were not even mentioned in the Unicom book), then worked my way backwards through the reading sections.

At the end I guessed the answers for the whole of the the first reading passage – a mammoth 35 points down the drain. But after marking the test I realised that I had got 3 out of 7 right! Nice bonus.

Also, as I’d got through more of the questions this time, I got about 57%. Not great, but not that shabby considering my expectations just a couple of months back. Still, after calculating, even if I got 100% for the listening test, my overall score still wouldn’t be near to the pass mark.

Today I went back to the long reading question and gave myself ample time for my tired head to try and figure out the answers. I finished, checked my answers, and to my horror discovered that I’d got just 1 out of 7 (5 out of the 35 points) right – considerably less than my 5 seconds of guesswork during the test. How thoroughly demoralising.


  1. 長文問題は疲れますね。
    >How thoroughly demoralising.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    ところで、その表現、使わせていただきます!I can use the phrase every day!
    Practice makes perfect.

  2. Hey, isn’t the test coming up next Sunday?

  3. Yep, thats why everyone is making last minute acts of desperation to memorise as much as possible to prepare for the test.
    Well, that could just be me though..

  4. 「…thoroughly demoralising」…みんなで一緒に使いましょう!
    Yeah, this Sunday. Strangely, my motivation has gone down slightly this week when I should be putting in some effort.

  5. ダレンさん私のブログをご訪問いただき有り難うございます!
    私は今日、2001年の試験の漢字と語彙の部分に参考してほとんどの必死に暗記した言葉は見えなくて私も”thoroughly demoralised”でした。

  6. よし!俺も今日、明日、しあさって、300ぐらいの言葉を暗記つもりです!とても出来ないけど頑張るしかない!

  7. その調子だ!

  8. hi there.
    Do you rember me ?;-)
    Some time ago i came to that page (by coincidence – while i was looking for an information about JLPT) – i have then read your impressions after JLPT lvl 2.
    Now i come here 時々;)
    So my intention is to wish you luck with LVL1 🙂
    sorry for my poor English :/
    さっきJLPTの情報を探すときこのページに来ました そのときにDarrenさんのJLPTのLVL2のかんげき(?)を見て読みました それ以来 時々ここに来ます じゃあ12月四日の試験は がんばって
    hmm pleas correct my short japanese txt 😉 (it was short but i must admit that i used 字書 a little bit to write that 😉 )

  9. Hi Lotrzyna, how are you? Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Don’t hesistate to do so again in future!