Speaking for myself I feel so calm it’s strange. It’s not from confidence either. I imagine later this evening I’ll start my panicking.

Don’t push yourselves too hard today – good luck tomorrow!


  1. One and a half hours till the exam starts over here.
    Good luck to everyone.

  2. It’s over.. and i think i done fairly well. 😛
    I think i did enough to pass it based on all the sample exams i did for my preparation.
    I did somehow manage to learn the grammar overnight somehow. It’s not perfect, but enough to deal with the grammar section.
    How did it go for you Darren?
    How many turned up? there were about 10 people that turned up here for the 2 kyuu.

  3. 10 people?! Where are you again? There were hundreds of people at my exam venue.
    I hope you passed. As for me, I am not really sure. I’ll write about my experience in my next post.

  4. I’m in Perth, Western Australia so there aren’t that many people that take the higher levels.
    I’d love to read about your experience, so i’ll be looking forward to your next post.
    It must be an interesting experience taking the exam in Japan.

  5. Yeah, it’s certainly a strange experience, especially seeing who turns up. You hear all these people speaking Japanese in non-native accents. Truely bizarre.
    Also, what feels strange to me is that we are surrounded by Japanese, from the instructions the examiners are giving to the signs all around us on the way to the exam. Then, as soon as we are in the exam room all of that same Japanese is ‘testable material’.