Still over 50 grammar points remaining to type out… am I wasting precious time? Probably, but once I start something I don’t like to finish half-way through.

That reminds me, what was that example? Something like:



  1. がんばって!でも無理しないでね!(^^)
    I think you will be all right.
    Good Luck!

  2. From your last post about typing up numerous grammar points, I have been inspired to do what you are doing :P.
    So far 7 done. But i feel it is really helping a lot since there is alot of JLPT vocab in the sample sentences that i keep looking up as i type them.
    Currently using donna toki dou tsukau nihongo hyougen bunkei 500. Damn good book if you can figure out what it says. 😛
    Too bad i can barely read it. 🙁

  3. Thanks Miyo!
    Tim, you are right, the vocab and kanji that show up while going through the grammar examples really help. Only 7 grammar points done? The exam is on Sunday!