As I don’t remember the grammar I am supposed to remember for the test, yesterday I came up with an ambitious plan – considering the time remaining.

I’ve started the arduous process of typing out each and every grammar point from my JLPT grammar preparation book. This means writing the target grammar, English key words and an example or two.

Perhaps I should have thought it through a little… there are around 200 points. However, I aim to battle through it and finish by Sunday. So far I have found this process useful as it forces me to go through each point again including the examples.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can share this text file online. For one thing it probably has many mistakes and for another it uses a lot of copyrighted examples from my text books.


  1. Hiya,
    I’m also studying for the JLPT 2 kyuu this year.
    After reading a bit of your JLPT experience I find it quite reassuring to know that i’m not the only one who is going crazy trying to do everything possible to prepare for the test.
    It’s nice to reflect on the similarities that everyone is going through to prepare for the test.
    Well, good luck.
    It’s almost a week till the test..

  2. Yeah, it’s nice to find other people in the same predicament.
    Isn’t your test on Sunday? I assumed it would be on the same Sunday worldwide, but maybe not. Unfortunately, I have less than a week!
    I wish you good study 😉
    p.s. I failed to get anywhere near to finishing my grammar review. Setting targets which are too ambitious was always my downfall.

  3. Ah! you’re right, it’s this Sunday.. ahhh!
    So there is less than a week. 🙁
    Hmm, i think i’m gonna study my grammar and vocab. Those are my trouble spots. 😛
    I realise that i’m often like you when setting unrealistic goals.
    When i had about 2 weeks till the test, i decided to try and memorise around 200 or so vocab a day so i could memorise the insane 6000 vocab for the test..
    i realised after the first day, that was close to impossible for me :P.
    Anyways, gotta go make some more unrealistic goals to meet.

  4. 200 words a day for two weeks?! No offence, but I think your goals are far more unrealistic to mine!