Great Kanji

By chance I’ve discovered one of the most complex looking and intriguing kanji ever:

うつうつ or 鬱鬱 means gloomily or cheerlessly. Why should such a fantastic kanji be cheerless?!


  1. this is my favorite
    though i’m not sure if it’s also made its way to Japanese…

  2. What an incredible kanji! I don’t think I can copy and paste that into my Japanese dictionary but I wonder whether it’s used too.
    Words are pretty? Great site! Are you the author or a reader? I wonder how you came across my little site.

  3. No I’m just a reader of that site. I forgot how I found your site, but I check it every time you post something new. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks a lot wulong – I’ll keep posting if you keep reading =)