Etchi or エッチ is used in situations like ‘エッチ movie’ etc. meaning sex or sex-related, basically.

I think my friend Lee taught me this word. Even though I’d been in Japan for some time by that time, Lee’s anime words give him a different vocabulary set to mine.

Yesterday I found out that エッチ actually is just ‘H’, but said in Japanese ‘エ+チ’. I’d never realised that. What on Earth does the letter H have to do with anything? If someone could tell me I’d be very grateful. All I think of are heli-pads when I think of the letter H!


  1. Ecchi or H comes from Hentai. I think hentai means everything that has to do with sex.

  2. Really? Thanks for the comment.
    Hentai refers to a person who does sexually related things. For example, someone who takes pictures of girls in secret, someone who touches people on trains (also ‘chikan’ in this case) and so on.