In an effort to tackle the kanji again, I’ve dusted off my copy of Rembering the Kanji Vol. 1 by J. Heisig. This book was discussed first here, and after buying it, here.

It has been a bit of a slog trying to get back to the point I had reached the first time I used the book. In fact, I am still some way off. Unfortunately, as I hadn’t reviewed my imagery/stories, many of these kanji have been long forgotten – exactly what we are trying to avoid!

I hope to make it far further this time around, but who knows.


  1. Hi,darren. It’s been a long time from last visit.
    Certainly,I’d also forget English word,without keeping to learn English.
    So I’m trying to keep to learn English every day by listning to English music or reading books about English.

  2. Hello there Toshiharu. Yes, I understand what you are saying perfectly. Keep up your studies!