1. The actor who plays Hiro’s friend Ando is James Kyson Lee, who is Korean-American.
    Personally, I think his pronunciation is really, really good. (I wish *my* pronunciation was that good. Maybe if I had Masi Oka, who plays Hiro, around to coach me?) There are usually a couple of places per episode where his accent seems off, but when you consider that he speaks quite fast, hardly any slower than Masi Oka, I think it’s seriously impressive.
    Anyways, I hope you keep watching Heroes. I am quite enjoying it. (日本人俳優も出演しているし、日本語の場面も多いので、NHKの海外ドラマとしてBSテレビで放送されることになるのでしょうか?)

  2. I need to see Hero’s! I’m missing out.
    Hey btw, little typ-o!
    You mean オヤジギャグ right?

  3. Me too.
    But I don’t have the Sci-Fi channel.
    Guess I will have to wait for the DVD to come out. Isn’t it already onto season 2 in the US?

  4. Sarah, thanks for the lowdown on Ando. As I was saying, that explains a lot.
    Yes, his Japanese is fluent and he speaks quickly. I would love to reach that level of Japanese ability. However, if you listen carefully, nearly all of the sentences he says don’t sound natural. His intonation and rythym are totally different from native Japanese speakers.
    Harvey, yes, you’ve spotted my ‘deliberate mistake’which I have now corrected =)
    Chris, from what I’ve heard, Heroes is still on season one in the US following a break for some reason or another.

  5. Yes, you’re right. I noticed the same thing when I first saw the show. I went to a language school where my classmates were all Korean, so I could pick out the accent fairly quickly.

  6. Really? Actually, I’ve also studied with a Korean person before, though I didn’t pick the accent at first.

  7. From what I have heard and correct me if I am wrong, but Korean people find it hard to pronounce the Japanese ‘TSU’.
    Words like Tsunami become Chunami.
    My friends when I was studying at Okinawa seemed to have that problem anyway. Otherwise I have to say they seem to pick up the language pretty quickly and can indeed master to some extent the pronunciation.
    (I stand corrected. Heroes is in the middle of season 1):)