In the Way

邪魔(じゃま) can mean to be ‘in the way’ i.e 邪魔だよ! but when you enter someone’s house, saying 「お邪魔します」 is a polite phrase.

In a reply about a tennis appointment I wrote the following, wondering whether to include the お in front of 邪魔:


I was quickly told that without the お this sentence sounds like I mean to disrupt the tennis session or have some bad intention. Lesson: include the お for politeness.

Related to this, I once learnt an interesting way of saying something like, ‘Where do you think you’re going?!’ in Japanese. You can say, 「どこ見てんだよ?!」


  1. Um I thought that last phrase was “what are you looking at, creep?”

  2. I think that would be 「何見てんだよ!」.
    My translation was probably a bit off, come to think about it. It’s hard to translate but if someone was driving recklessly and nearly drove into you, you could say 「どこ見てんだよ?!」