Though I’m not sure how good this site will be, this is a new podcast site called Learn Japanese. I quote:

Learn Japanese. A cool podcast to learn about the language, culture people and various goings on in Japan.

I’ve listened to the first podcast, which is quite professional, though it just covers very basic conversation. One of the Japanese men in the model conversations doesn’t sound very natural, though. Also, how natural does this conversation sound?


> Learn Japanese


  1. はじめまして 日本語頑張っていらっしゃるんですね。偶然このページを見つけてびっくりしました。お上手ですね 私も英語を勉強しています。あまり上手ではないですけど・・・これからちょくちょくお邪魔させて頂きます。
    Hi nice to see you. What a great website. I happened to visit here by a chance. I’m Japanese who’s interested in learning English. Hey your improvement impresses me and cheers me up a lot. Our languages are so different therefore study can be tough but you’ve been making great progress. I hope you don’t mind my visitting and posting here.

  2. Minさん、コメントを書いてくれてありがとうございます。また来てくださいね。
    Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Good luck with your English studies.

  3. hello,
    i was curious what you thought about the second one (if you listened to it)… do you think they made improvements?
    my japanese is VERY basic, but i thought the second one sounded at least more natural. he also has a conversation with a woman about job titles. i thought that format was a big improvement.
    i’m curious what you think.

  4. Heather, I’ve listened to the second PodCast and was equally impressed by the improvements. This in part was simply by not using the same Japanese guy who wasn’t used to speaking naturally whilst being recorded.
    The woman in the skits spoke at natural speed which was refreshing, but for the target audience/material, a little challenging, in my opinion.
    Also, I am not keen on teaching such informal Japanese for greetings. It’s not often you meet someone for the first time and they say 「仕事何してるの?」. I just feel this could all be a bit misleading to a beginner.
    I liked the casual feel to the second podcast – that woman was so funny!

  5. I am currently studying for the 1kyu test and am desperately searching for some good podcasts for listening on the way to work. Any good ideas?

  6. Hi Dave. How are your studies going? I haven’t been on the search for many Japanese Podcasts, so I’m not sure I can help. Have you tried all the links on this site?