I’ve found site called JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database. The site relies on user contributions and has a community feel to it. There are categories for the JLPT and others such as ‘social e-mail’ and ‘business e-mail’.

How do you say ‘Check it out!’ in Japanese?? 見てみ?

> JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database


  1. Thanx for posting about that site – it’s a great incentive to start studying again. I like the way it updates your study list automatically when you get a grammar question wrong. Seems almost too easy!

  2. You’re welcome. I hope you make good use of it!
    You may also want to check out the other links I’ve collected (on the side bar of the site).

  3. hey – DC from JGram. Thanks for the link! Hopefully some of your readers will also add some grammar to our site…

  4. Wow, a personal note of thanks for a link. You are more than welcome. Hmm, we share the same initials!