Somebody kindly sent me links to copies of this year’s JLPT level 1 exam. At first I thought I’d post the links on my front page to share, but it feels so wrong!

I don’t really want to know where the copies were obtained from, but after just looking at the first question I got annoyed at seeing one of the questions I got wrong. I’m only going to look at the questions after I get the results. It will be a long wait, though.

I wonder what I scored…?! It’s already driving me mad.


  1. I also managed to locate the Q&A for this years JLPT, it came as no surprise that the website happens to be a Chinese one. 😉 (nothing implied here)
    Anyway as I expected there is no hope of me passing this time. It turns out that even some of the questions I was feeling quite confident about have different answers.
    I was happy about one question though which I toiled over and that was the hand written one in the comprehension section.
    The first time I read it I thought it was a mathematical question but the second time I realised that the answer was in fact a logical one which could be answered based on the information they gave you.
    Anyway I seem to have messed up all the other so it comes as a very small consolation.
    Have a safe trip to Japan Darren m8. I will see you at Tennis again in 2007.
    Finally don’t go looking for the answers people it will just make you feel miserable.

  2. Sorry to hear it went worse than you’d thought.
    Why do you think I don’t discuss the exam questions? Becaue you are bound to feel bad when you realise which questions you got wrong!
    Got to get back to packing.