Thanks to some contacts I now have the Unicom level 1 grammar book and listening book/CDs for the price they were meant to be sold at (have you seen the prices in London’s Japan Centre?).

JLPT 1kyuu Grammar 実力アップ!日本語能力試験1級 文法編
JLPT 1kyuu Listening これで大丈夫 聴解問題 1級

JLPT Past Paper 日本語能力試験1・2級試験問題(16年度)
JLPT Past Paper 日本語能力試験1・2級試験問題(15年度)
JLPT Past Paper 日本語能力試験1・2級試験問題(14年度)

My first thought on opening the grammar book was that the grammar is not significantly harder than that of level 2, just different. Like level 2, it looks like the area I could score well in if I simply apply myself to learn everything thoroughly.

As for the listening, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the CDs yet, but I’ve been told that it should be one of the easier parts for me. Like the other levels, I am hoping this is true, leaving me more study time to wrestle with the hard parts.

My main challenge is to start learning about a 1000 kanji and who knows how many thousands of words in the next few months, if I’m to have any chance at scoring points on the words/kanji paper and the long reading passages.


  1. Do you know of this site?
    Some useful things there. Well, 89 more days to the test, good luck.
    Here’s some words you might want to learn that I can think of off the top of my head: 吟味、発作、朗らか、趣

  2. Yeah, I’ve used materials from MLC quite a lot in the past, for both 3kyuu and 2kyuu. You’re right, there is some really great stuff there.
    After I get through my new grammar book I’ll try out some of the materials on the site. Thanks!
    I didn’t know any of the words you came up with. Just for my own reference, they are:
    吟味(ぎんみ)- scrutiny, investigation
    発作(はっさ)- fit, spasm
    朗らか(ほがらか)- cheerfulness
    趣(おもむき)- meaning, gist, charm