げらげら - the sound of laughter

I learnt this word from the manga cafe of the same name.

This coincides nicely with my latest book, Hiroko Fukuda: Jazz up your Japanese with Onomatopoeia. I’ll have a good read before commenting properly.


  1. Someone recommended that book to me once, and I thought the idea of reading a book about onomatapoeia was pretty dippy (learning to make kid’s noises to improve your Japanese??). But now I understand, and I’ve been interested in reading the book myself. Spoken Japanese is FILLED with onomatapeia, and it’s fun to use them and sound more like a native speaker.

  2. Yeah, we need to use these words or at least be able to understand them if they are said.
    The book claims that there are patterns to these onomatapoeia, that they are not just random sounds. It seems a bit boring to learn these general rules but if it helps in the long run then I’ll give it a try.
    If you get the book then let me know what you think.