This morning a letter arrived from SOAS containing information about the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is now less than a month away.

Although I had thought that all entrants would take the JLPT at SOAS university’s Russel Square campus, it appears that there is another site at King’s Cross which will be used for levels 1 and 2.

It’s all too soon and all of a sudden feels real. Time to panic!


  1. Are you really panicking or is that a figure or speech? I never panic for any test. It’s just a test after all.
    When I take these tests I see people cramming right up to the last minute, reading the dictionary etc. I can’t understand this behavior at all. You generally do better when relaxed.

  2. No, I’m not panicking all that much, but more so than a few weeks ago, that’s for sure.
    I think I could have prepared much better so I’m a little disappointed, but oh well…

  3. I know what you mean..