At last, I’ve nearly finished the questions in my grammar book, 松本 節子: JLPT 実力アップ! 文法編 2級.

On and off I’ve been doing the questions at the end of each section and today realised that I was nearing the end. By the end of the day I had polished off the last questions. (Well, to be honest, there is a small keigo chapter at the end of the book, but let’s ignore that for now…)

I’m pleased that I’ve got so far, though I know that I haven’t memorised most of the points – I just used the book to search for answers while doing the questions.

However, this is part of my ‘sprial process’ (to failure?). More than a few points have sunk in and I might not be able to recall them all off the top of my head but I could probably take a good shot at picking the best out of 4 choices… it’s all about the passive memory!

My other big weakness, I’ve come to recognise ever more is kanji. Therefore, I’m going to try and shift my studies in that gruelling direction.