In the last post we saw the following example:


I was jumping ahead a little. What is the meaning of 以上 (3) here? This is today’s second grammar point of note.

以上 can be used to mean ‘As long as,’ ‘Since A is true, then B is also true,’ or perhaps, ‘Not just A, but B’. These are possible meanings I’ve discerned from reading various example sentences. Try to translate the following sentence:



  1. Sorry for posting on old stuff again, but I figure if there’s a lot of replies someone must have helped right?
    Ijou – can mean “outside of/aside from”
    Shakainin de aru igai = Aside from people in the society
    Least I think that was the example you had, tell you the truth I don’t really remember..

  2. Ryan, thanks for the comment, although again, on an old post. Your example here uses 以外 rather than 以上.
    Out of interest, why don’t you write in Japanese for your examples?