Have you noticed that suddenly www.nihongonomichi.com has become ‘more Japanese’. Many of the words which were originally the same as when publishing an English blog (e.g. ‘Comment’) have now changed to Japanese! Interestingly, ‘PermaLink’ is still written in English.

TypePad has obviously been making some improvements to their multi-lingual software. It’s just a shame I can’t read ‘preview’ and ‘post’ for my own comments 🙂

Study for the JLPT has been progressing. Well, some days are good, some are bad. I’ll probably write fewer posts in the run up to the exam but rest assured that things should pick up in December.


  1. preview is the one on the left 確認(かくにん)confirm
    post is the one on the right 投稿(とうこう)post
    time to start a japanese blog I think..its a sign 😛

  2. Yeah, I was able to read 確認 but ‘confirm’ would seem to mean ‘post’ to my brain. Perhaps ‘make sure’ or ‘check’ would make more sense. Or even ‘preview’ 🙂
    投稿 is a new word for me. If it comes up in the test (and I remember it) I’ll have to buy you a gift…