Naughty Word

しもねたって? 「しも」, apparently being 「下」, 「ねた」 being…? This is supposed to be referring to ‘down there’, although I am not sure of it’s exact meaning. Anyway, an interesting word to add to my vocabulary, I’m sure!


  1. Being the curious type (much too much for my own good), I googled around the above term.
    After reading through a few blog entries containing the expression, I now have a much too clear idea of what it refers to: I figured I would share it back here 😉
    It does, indeed, refer to “down below”… but unless I am mistaken, it would more specifically refer to “down behind”… and what usually happens in the privacy of your own bathroom. You wouldn’t believe what some people will blog about…
    Anyway, not sure how useful, but it was kinda fun trying to lift the mystery.

  2. “Down below and behind”? Hmm… I wonder if I’d offend my language exchange partner if I brought it up?
    Actually, a couple of Japanese used the word when talking about someone’s blog… I wonder whether you came across the same site?!

  3. Among the top results I got from a Google search that didn’t appear to be complete porn or other, these are the ones I got:
    A cursory read will quickly tell you what the common topic seems to be…

  4. Oh, there was also this one:
    which seems a bit less colourful in its language and sounds like it may be the one your friends were discussing. But it didn’t really offer an easily understandable explanation of what 「しもねた」might exactly be…

  5. Dr D, thanks for posting those links. I’ve had a brief look at the first couple of sites and I have to say that the Japanese is a bit beyond my comprehension. Looks like I may have to rely on your findings for now – 頑張ってください!

  6. Heh… don’t let the overal level of these pages fool you: I am definitely less able than you at deciphering them. It’s all in the power of popjisyo.com 😉
    Seriously though: I am somewhere around an upper 3-kyuu (but nowhere near 2-kyuu yet) and reading such pages is an exercise in hovering over a good 25% of all kanjis. A bit laborious, but good practice provided I make a tiny effort to identify those I know.
    Also, texts such as the first two blog entries are quite easy to read, thanks to their rather limited vocab, extensive use of hiragana and a tone close to spoken Japanese, unlike, news articles or other literary materials I’m quite unable to decipher in a timely fashion.

  7. Bringing closure on the whole episode:
    I did what I should have started by doing in the first place (though waking up somebody at 2am for that might not have been the brightest idea) and asked…
    Answer is blindingly obvious: ねた in 下ねた is ネタ=joke.
    So all it means is supposedly “a lewd joke”… what about exactly, I guess is left to pick by the teller…
    Oddly enough, at least one of the link above doesn’t sound humorous in tone at all… yet my source is categorical…
    Thus the mystery seems solved. And my reputation has gone yet another level down in the eyes of my trusted Japanese helpers.

  8. Thanks for lowering your reputation in the aid of our research!
    However, the person who was talking about the 下ねた website was describing a site where some guy was describing his sex life. So, I don’t think it need be just a joke… sorry to disagree with you!

  9. Ok, so after asking some more Japanese people here is the understanding I now have of the word. 下, yes, meaning ‘down there’ somewhere (but probably not limited to one area) and ねた means ‘topic’ (of conversation etc).
    Someone did concede that ねた is often used by comedians but not that it necessarily implies a joke.
    So in a nutshell I think it just means talking about the nerther-regions in conversation…

  10. In this case,「下」 means 「下品」. And 「ねた」 means 「話題」.
    Therefore,「下ねた」 means 「下品な話題」(rude or dirty talk).

  11. Thanks Toshiharu – I only wish you’d confirmed that sooner =)

  12. Oh,I’m sorry. I had to comfirm soon.
    m(_ _)m

  13. I was only joking – it’s all part of the fun trying to work these things out when learning a lgnguage.