My grammar list is now complete!

Next I’ll make a copy of the file and delete all the grammar I know well enough to make my pre-exam grammar sheet.


  1. Wha?? you’re finished already?
    I’m still struggling to get to the quarter mark on my book. 🙁
    Currently on pg 31 of 121.
    hmm actually if you calulate that.. it’s exactly 25% 😛 yay!
    Whats your secret? 😛
    Well i’m definately have to be done with this by the end of tomorrow so i can practice on other parts of the exam like reading comprehension.
    hehe, yet another unrealistic goal. 😛

  2. My secret? Nothing really, just persistance. Like I said, when I start a task I hate finishing it half-way through. It took hours and hours by the way.
    I’m still creating my compressed version of points I’m least confident about – the process aids my memory which is great and is better than just randomly scanning through my book.
    Yeah, we should think about not trying to learn totally new stuff at some point…