Now that we’ve all had a week to recover(?) from the JLPT, how are we feeling?? Personally, I’m a little relieved although not convinced I’m going to get a good result.

Apart from the JLPT, which is hard to study for all year round, what else do you typically study?

I was wondering if the average JLPT entrant studies consistently throughout the year, even if studying different study materials (e.g. newspapers, internet, books…)?

I think I’m going to continue studying the odd newspaper article here and there and also try (once again) to read Harry Potter in Japanese. That should keep me busy enough until the JLPT 2007!


  1. Check out the below book, apart from being an eye opener I heard its very funny.
    it is written by a Japanese women who has lived and worked in Britain for a large part of her life and developed some very interesting ideas about our society.
    Despite the title her opinions are very fair and not at all judgemental.
    See what you think.
    You can find a copy (at an extortionate) price in Japan centre and in the basement of Mitsukoshi.
    Probably cheaper to order from Amazon JP.
    Alternatively I recommend Sakura Momoko, not only is her Japanese easy to understand her books are hilarious.
    In particular my fav is 『ももの缶詰』

  2. My plan is to go through the whole of Kenneth G.Henshall’s “A guide to remembering Japanese characters”, write a daily rambling blog in Japanese trying to use the kanji I’m learning, and finish reading the Japanese short stories from that book I mentioned before all by December 3 2007! I’ve got quite a way to go on the kanji front.

  3. I’ll definately check out the books you recommend, Chris. Thanks for that. I’ll try and pick them up in Japan when I visit. If you want anything then let me know and I’ll see if I can buy it for you.
    PA-san, you’ve certainly set yourself a challenge there, haven’t you? Good luck. The daily blog should help to reinforce what you learn. That’s one of the reasons I keep writing this blog.
    I may revise my decision not to get the Japanese literature book. I’ll have another look at it next time I’m in Waterstones.

  4. I am working through Heisig’s 『Remembering the Kanji volume I』, with my own set of flash cards drawn by hand, and more accurate core meanings taken from Halpern’s excellent 『Kanji Learner’s Dictionary』 rather than Heisig’s often-unhelpful keywords.
    I read various manga with a notebook and pencil, and look up *every* unknown word and write the definition. I then quiz myself on the vocabulary, which sticks around because I’ve learned the words in a memorable context.
    I’m almost finished 3A Network’s 『みんなの日本語』 two-volume course, which has taken about three years and four teachers 🙂

  5. You sound like a person on a mission! Well done on finishing みんなの日本語. I worked through most of the second book after changing over from 新日本語の基礎.
    Like Chris, you seem to favour word lists. I’m not sure if I would stick to keeping word lists other than those on my electronic dictionary.
    In the past I’ve bought manga with the intention to study but I never get around to opening them!