Of Course

Here’s another kanji you don’t see very much:


Also, how about this one:



  1. Hmm, strange.. I have seen these kanji almost all the time when i read Japanese. In fact i also use them often in my blog. Don’t you read my blog that often? :-D
    I often like to use the kanji for 貰う、暫く and 勿論。Though i think in practice it is better to have a balance of kanji and kana instead of using too much kanji.
    By the way have you seen 兎に角、此れ or 其れ before? I rarely use them though.. although I occasionally use 兎に角.

  2. Nope never seen them before 🙁 Think I’ll forget them for now 🙂

  3. You see these kanji all the time?! That does surprise me, but then it must depend on what type of things you read.
    とにかく, これ, それ!
    No, that’s the first time I’ve seen those kanji (I looked them up!).

  4. Darren, I came across this site in a forum and although i don’t think you want to see it, i think you’d want the link anyway.
    ↑a copy of the JLPT level 1 questions.
    ↑a copy of the listening.
    ↑the answers
    If you don’t want it, feel free to delete this comment.
    I’m currently trying to remember what i chose for my answers.. ahh! (>_<)

  5. !
    Thanks for the links Tim. Did somebody nick the test and upload copies of it?
    I’m tempted to read it… in fact, I think I’ll post your links under a new title.

  6. No idea, but given that i have a chance to confirm how i did, I plan to find out if i passed sometime soon.
    So far i have tried to replicate my results for the kanji & vocab section and found that at a minimum, i would of gotten about 75.5%. 😀
    I just hope that is really true and that my answers this time are the same as before.
    I think remembering what i put down for the reading comprehension would be the hardest to recall.

  7. If you scored that well on the kanji & vocab section then I’m sure you have probably passed. After all, your reading ability should mean you scored well in the reading questions.
    Without checking my answers I estimate I scored less than 50% for the kanji & vocab. Let’s not even talk about the comprehension section…