Lately, whenever I find time to study a little Japanese, I’ve been using my 完全マスター漢字2級 book, as I’ve found there are loads of great words in it that I don’t know or have forgotten (a little disheartening, but you’ve got to look at it positively).

My aim is to review all 56 exercises fairly swiftly, but if I go through the extensive kanji list from beginning to end it might end up taking too long.


  1. I picked up this awesome mock test compilation book on Saturday.
    I thoroughly recommend it m8.
    Its called 合格への道.
    I found a link to it on Amazon so if u like u can add it to your right hand list.
    It features 4 originally compiled Mock tests complete with Audio CD’s for the listening tests.
    [Minor privacy edit]

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Chris. As it happens, that book is already in my collection – it’s in the pile marked ‘to do!’
    Let me know how you get on with it.