HeisigのRemembering the Kanjiを勉強する人にはReviewing the Kanjiという役に立ちそうなサイトを発見した。






  1. Funny… I am just now working on a new project to do something a bit similar (I already made a bunch of kanji-related apps and websites)… Except my goal is to replace Heisig’s text bits by a sort of collaborative effort at finding good “stories” for each kanji… along with exploiting differences and similarities between kanji.
    I don’t know about you, but despite (or perhaps because) of all the hype, I was extremely disappointed by the level of Heisig’s mnemonic stories… I found they hacky at best (most of them based of really lame puns) and usually not much help to remember… So hopefully putting everybody’s mnemonic tricks in common would give good results…

  2. Yes, I have found Heisig’s stories difficult at times but as I alluded to on my English blog last night I think that’s because his brain makes links uses language and words whereas I work better with more visual imagery.
    But it’s not just the stories but the key-words and at times primatives which are at times questionable. I realise that it’s not always possible to have a noun type keywords but I may start to convert some of the keywords myself although this will obviously have a knock on effect. For some keywords I need an English dictionary! E.g. promonotory.
    Where do you start making a kanji flash app? I’d love to play around with something like this. Maybe I can experiment with some Java. Good luck with your project.