I haven’t tried to speak much polite Japanese during the past few months, at least not at school as there is little need. But today I was back in the situation of talking to a friendly vice-principle whom I’d met and spoke with last summer. It was annoying because I had to make a real concious effort to add on です and so on, even though the last time I spoke with her it hadn’t seemed so hard. I hope it will come back but it’s frustrating to feel that you are going backwards at times.

On a tangent… the JLPT results should be out in early Feb, right?


  1. JLPT results, I was said at the end of mine, are expected on March, at least in Europe.

  2. Just out of curiousity, is it considered rude to rub your wooden chopsticks together to get rid of the wood shavings? I do it all the time but then it struck me that it might be considered rude.

  3. Yes, it is considered impolite- although that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many people who do it. If you rub your chopsticks together, it’s implying that the wood is of inferior quality, the sort of cheap wood that would be full of splinters.