Even though there are now less than two weeks before the JLPT I am just all out of steam. It could be that the pressure is actually stopping me from studying rather than motivating me. Personal issues are also clouding my clogged brain – everything seems set against my study.

Over the last week I’ve really lost confidence and I’m in danger of ‘giving up’ just before the end. That would just be plain stupid and I’ve got to get into action soon.

On Monday I forgot my denshi-jisho and decided that it was impossible to study without it. Just an excuse? Then yesterday, I didn’t do a even a bit of study – it was a public holiday and the thought of study seemed distant. Today, I have new worries occupying my mind. Luckily I’m meeting a friend for a study session in the evening. Hopefully that will inspire me.


  1. Hey man, don’t give up. You’re almost there. Maybe take a few days of rest and relaxation to clear your head. That always helps me whenever I’m getting close to a deadline.
    I know that sounds like the opposite of what you should do, but usually the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to retain learned knowledge.

  2. Relax, you’ll do fine.
    Try visualizing yourself acing the test and write affirmations like “I can pass Level 2” 10 times a day until the test..
    Unrelated. I remember a few people (including my nihongo teacher) told me that they recycle the test every six years cause they’re too lazy to completely rewrite all the questions. It’s not exactly the same but most of the “types” of questions and “grammar” are same. Don’t know if that helps any or whether it’s true or not but thought I might start some interesting discussion.
    If this is true you can bet that vocab and kanji on last year’s test will definitely not be on this year’s test. Maybe be better to do practice on a test from 6 years ago? What do you think of my theory?

  3. Here’s a sure fire method for passing the test. Do every night right before bed.
    1. Press your nose right up to your computer screen
    2. Go to this site:
    and stare at this page for 10 minutes or until you get dizzy.
    This method will circumvent your conscious mind and input all the joyo kanji directly into your subconscious. After a few weeks of doing this you should have no problems retrieving any of these characters at will.

  4. I forgot my dictionary the other day, too, and almost gave up studying. I’m taking the Level 3 test. I should pass it easily after the amount of time I’ve been here, but I don’t know. Today I looked at the 2003 test and decided to focus on Kanji for the next week.
    What test site are you going to? Maybe we could meet at the nearest Starbucks afterwards. I’ll be at Hitotsubashi Daigaku (Kunitachi Campus).

  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement WuLong.
    Roy, if only kanji learning was that simple. That is one scary looking page of kanji there. But I wouldn’t have guessed how many there were had it not stated it on the page.
    I like the writing ‘I will pass’ idea. Must start that tomorrow…
    Yeah, I agree that material from older papers is much more likely to show up than from papers such as 2002 and 2003. You are not the first person to have told me that material is reused. It might not be such a bad idea to learn from those printouts I have…
    Andy, I’m going to a site in Kanagawa-ken so I guess it would be a little far for coffee, unfortunately. Good luck with your test preparation.