As I mentioned yesterday, in the evening I went for a coffee and a bit of a study session with another friend taking the 2級JLPT. How does having someone to study with affect me?

Being able to meet someone in the same situation is great as you can help solve each other’s questions and feel like you are not alone in ‘exam hell’ (a bit strong perhaps). If it wasn’t for meeting up I would’ve been at home not studying, anyway.

However, often my friend has such a far greater knowledge of vocabulary and kanji than me that I end up feeling pathetic with no chance of passing the exam. Likewise, my friend seems to think that my memory of grammar is better than hers. While we are sometimes scared of each other’s ability, at the same time we are each other’s motivation. I have to focus on the motivational factor rather than the ‘you are not worthy’ feeling.

We were saying yesterday that we didn’t think we stood any chance of passing 2 months ago, but now that we feel it could go either way. Because of this it would hurt far more failing by a slim margin. Still, any chance is better than no-chance-in-hell of passing.


  1. I’m also sitting the level 2 test next Sunday. It’s scary when I see your level of grammar waaaay exceeding mine too, hehe.
    At this point, even my vocab is too limited for me to read any level 2 grammar books easily. I have to check the dictionary for every kanji I come across, which is about 30 kanji per page so it takes me about 3 days to cover one page. Bleh!
    In the end I tried copying down the grammar book line by line and adding notes to every kanji (the book is not mine). Japanese language books are hard to find here and expensive to boot. Didn’t manage to learn much grammar but to my delight I found that I could recognise a whole lot of new kanji compared to before! And at least my writing no longer looks like a preschooler’s.
    I’m quite sure I will be taking the same paper again next year, and was wondering registering for this paper was a mistake. Then again, if I didn’t register for the test this year I’d never study and would have a miserable time trying to pick up again after 2years.
    Anyway, all the very best in the test – hope you do well – keep up the good work yah. Enjoy reading your page 🙂

  2. Like me I think you’re using the exam as a way to accelerate your learning process. Even if you think the test is going to be too difficult by the sounds of things you have already learnt a lot. This is what I try to tell myself, regardless of what I score.
    Kanji is also probably the biggest barrier for me at the moment regarding 2kyu. It is frustrating when you can’t learn new grammar because you can’t read any of the words in the examples. However, the same ones do seem to keep cropping up and so some should start to seem familiar.
    Thanks for visiting my site and good luck! Right, I suppose I should do some study…