あやしい means ‘suspicous’ and is actually a word I seem to find myself using quite a bit in Japan => useful!

I was walking towards some students slowly and one of them said something:

「What is that?」 I asked.
They said… 「あやしい」
I say, ‘Why?’
Answer: 「歩き方」  *_*

After some thought I think the word was 不信者, someone you do not trust… (this was an incorrect guess at kanji through meaning).

[Credit to Miyo] 不審者 - is someone suspicious or doubtful


  1. I think what your student said must be “不審者”.
    “不審者” is someone suspicious or doubtful or..気味の悪い人・・・。
    Oh, I’m making your feeling worse?? sorry(^^;

  2. Miyo, I guessed the wrong kanji. I thought 不+信 was a logical connection > not + trust/believe. The real kanji is new to me.

  3. Hey Darren,
    I have 2 questions slightly off topic hope you don’t mind me posting it here.
    1. I was thinking about buying the Canon Wordtank G50 too. Do you recommend it? The wordtank series seems to be highly regarded amongst foreigners studying Japanese.
    2. What plugin do you use to pull in stuff from amazon.co.jp? I have a plugin for amazon.com but not the amazon.co.jp. Or are you just linking directly?

  4. You could have posted this to my G50 review page at http://www.nihongonomichi.com/2004/09/wordtank_g50.html
    Anyway, I don’t mind. Everything is as I said in that post but I’d add that the sluggishness of the G50 is really annoying and really not acceptable for a high end dictionary. You should try it out in the shops before to see if it’s acceptable to you.
    One other thing is kanji compounds – when you look up a kanji and can see a list of compound kanji containing that kanji. This is fairly limited with the G50 in that the kanji you’ve looked up will only be in the first position in the compound kanji list it gives you. This means I have to do a lot of searching for kanji, remembering a couple of ‘on’ yomi and then guessing at the reading of a compound kanji in the main J-E dictionary. This is a pain and I think the Sharp does a better job in this area.
    The G50 is a great dictionary but it’s far from perfect.

  5. About Amazon, I don’t link directly. It’s all a built in feature of TypePad, my blog hosting company. You can choose which country to pull content from.
    I have no idea what plug-ins TypePad uses… sorry.

  6. Thanks that’s good advice about the G50 and sorry I didn’t look deeper into your archives to check out the review..