Word List

推薦(すいせん)    recommendation
宛て(あて)     addressed to
駆け足(かけあし)  running fast, double time
歓送会(かんそうかい)farewell party
我侭(わがまま)    selfishness

Here a small list of interesting kanji/words I came across today.


  1. I had never seen the kanji for Wagamama before! Cool!
    Along the same lines as 歓送会、you hve 歓迎会 kangeikai, for welcome party, and 送別会 for farewell party.
    I have actually never heard people use 歓送会 before, I think that 送別会 or 別れ会 wakarekai for farewell party is more common.
    Maybe the nuiance is different some how?

  2. I think 歓送会 might means farewell party with encouragement.
    To say good-bye to you is very tough. However,we’ll send you off with pleasure for your future.

  3. Toshiharu-san, sorry for the delayed reply. I’m very grateful for your input. It’s often hard to understand the different nuances of words from dictionaries alone.