In the blink of an eye approximately 400+ nouns, 200-300 verbs and 100+ adjectives dissappear from memory – the memory of my Canon Wordtank G50, that is.

For lack of spares, I had been ignoring the ‘change batteries!’ message which had been appearing when switching on my G50. This has happened before but there is usually some amount of battery power left before you absolutely need to change the batteries.

I pressed a button and a clear memory option screen appeared for no reason. After selecting the ‘do not wipe’ memory option a system error message appeared for the first time ever. All my Wordmemos were wiped!!

Some of the words I had saved were from study probably as far back as JLPT 2級 but I had been adding more and more words in recent months. On the bright side, I often save words and never get around to looking at them again. Also, I can start afresh with all the words I don’t know leading up to this year’s exam. But still…

Warning: If you want to keep your saved word lists, change your batteries when warned to!